CTPA Meeting Information

Meetings (with a business component) and Special Events (educational or social affairs) take place six or more times per year and have an educational focus. In general, meetings are held at favorite and new places around town to expose the membership to key venues, new locales, recently inaugurated or renovated facilities, new exhibits, revised procedures, and special opportunities.

The CTPA does not have a fixed meeting schedule as we like to be flexible to accommodate the venues that host our meetings. As we do not like to interfere with the revenue-making efforts of our meeting hosts, we try to keep meeting days and times flexible.

The Ledge at Willis (Sears) Tower

The Ledge at Willis (Sears) Tower
(Photo credit: Donna Primas CTG)

Average meeting attendance is 20 to 85. We have noticed that meetings scheduled early in the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) generally have better attendance than meetings held during weekend time frames. Meetings in the downtown "Loop" or near north areas are usually better attended than meetings in the suburbs or outlying city neighborhoods.

We aim to have meetings begin about 5:30 p.m., as we feel this allows the membership to finish a 9 to 5 job prior to attending a meeting.

Our meetings generally consist of a presentation by our host, a short business meeting (lasting 15 to 30 minutes) as well as a site visit. Occasionally there are discussions that merit holding longer business meetings. In those cases, we may not include a presentation or site visit, and we'll try to limit the business portion to no more than one to one and one-half hours. All tolled, most meetings end by 7:00 p.m. though some members linger to socialize beyond that time frame.

Whenever possible, attendance at CTPA meetings is free of charge to all members. Some locations that host meetings also furnish complimentary refreshments - coffee/cookies, soda/chips, wine/cheese, etc. If this is the case, we encourage CTPA members to generously tip any servers.

Occasionally, when the CTPA has a meeting at a not-for-profit venue, we provide a small donation to that venue.

We are a not-for-profit organization and are "in the business" of tourism knowledge. Our frequent meeting schedule precludes us from becoming dues paying members of every organization with which we become associated. As our dues are so reasonable, several organizations have found it advantageous to become members of our association in order to receive our directory and mailings and stay in touch with the CTPA membership.

Besides meetings, we try to have an annual educational event that focuses on training and continuing education. This seminar/meeting is usually an all day affair, held on a Saturday. As space is sometimes limited by motorcoach capacity or room size, a small fee is often charged to offset costs and/or ensure that participants are serious about attending.

You can find the historical listing of all CTPA meetings and special events here.